About us

Flame-Tech was established 10 years ago by Simon Starling and Liron Cohen. We have been engaged in technology development since we can remember and we keep up to date on all new technologies by learning and offering technological services at the highest level, customized to each client. Today, the company has a branch in the center and another branch in the north.

The vision behind the establishment of our own company, we've finished our services to the military and worked in various technologies, would create for our customers the best technological solutions. Since its inception the company never ceases to develop and we are always looking for new technologies and interesting ideas. Among other things, we also incorporate the work of educational technology projects.

We always strive to give managers and owners of small to large business technology solutions that can improve and streamline their work. We do this by working closely with the customer and understanding of the business and its needs. This is alongside the development of customized business solutions.

We demand of ourselves in every project the level of preparedness, updating and service of the highest standards.

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